A New Way to Advertise

Gamers hate ads but love winning prizes. Reimagining traditional advertising, Winfinite engages passionate players with compelling challenges offering your extraordinary products and services.

Reward types include physical goods, gift cards, sweepstakes and more!

Over 500,000 challenges completed so far. 


Build customer loyalty with multiple touchpoints

Track each reward winner’s journey and push them to the finish line. From the point a player wins, they’re guided through the redemption process to claim their rewards with care - leading to higher email open rates and more exposure to new products and services.

Email open rates are over 50% which is 4x the industry average.


High brand engagement

Brand logos, products and services are highlighted throughout the challenge. Players are driven to convert in store and online, by granting gamers the autonomy to choose rewards they truly desire, increasing brand recognition and loyalty.

Almost 15 minutes of direct interaction per campaign.

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Pinpoint your target market

Focus on targeting your optimal audience based on specific demographics while having the peace of mind that your campaigns are brand content safe.

  • Use our geo-fencing tool to target down to the street level for precise execution.

  • Whether adult or family friendly, place ads in the right games for your brand.